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Starting Crafting Workstation Question

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Good morning -

Long story short, I've been playing the alpha on and off and I played at a time where you could craft everything without crafting stations. I just downloaded the latest version of Crowfall and for the life of me, couldn't find the "starter" crafting stations in our starting area, which is the beachhead I'm assuming?  I have invested training into blacksmithing, so I'm good there.  Was something bugged last night? I couldn't find them.   I'm too the point I have crafted basic weapons  but looking for a place so I can start making armor since I have none lol.

Thanks for listening : )

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3 minutes ago, kiloblaster said:

So, forts or keeps only?  How far is the closest fort/keep from the starting area?  Thanks for the fast reply's!

Bastion's Hallow, Brookhurst, and The Black Mire are the forts. Keep of Ganelon is the Keep.



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33 minutes ago, kiloblaster said:

[...] I'm too the point I have crafted basic weapons  but looking for a place so I can start making armor since I have none lol. [...]

Welcome to the forums.

Adding to what has already been said, basic crafting can be accessed at any time by pressing J. It allows you to craft basic weapons for example. The basic armors have been removed with one of the last updates and you need to use an intermediate crafting station to be able to build them. Higher ranking armors can only be produced on dedicated working stations and only if you trained the according skills (this is not refined yet, so currently it is enough to train the first pip of the first recipe granting skill).

Have fun, good luck. :)

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1 hour ago, kiloblaster said:

Thanks for the information!  I'm going to assume that the "intermediate crafting station " is at the forts as well?

Yes. Note that you can only access the crafting stations in forts/keeps that your faction controls, and certain crafting stations aren't in every fort/keep, though most of them are in all of them. The intermediate will be in all of them.

An alternative is to place a parcel in your EK, place a building on that parcel, and then craft the station you want (J menu under Basic Deeds) and place it in the building. If you haven't done EK building before, you can import parcels and buildings by clicking on the Purchases tab in the lobby. If you haven't purchased any parcels or buildings, you should still have some test copies that you can use. Once you import it from there, they will be available in your spirit bank (B). Enter your EK, move the items from your spirit bank to your inventory, then press ESC to bring up the menu and click the icon that looks like a castle. This is the kingdom editor and will enable you to place parcels. When you are done with that, click Submit. You then want to travel to that parcel. You can't place buildings or other structures on the default parcels. Once you are on the new parcel, you can right click the buildings in your inventory to place them. After that, you can do the same thing with any crafting stations you have made. Just right click them from your inventory and socket them into the inside of the building. The smallest buildings only allow for 1 crafting station while the larger ones allow 3 or more, depending on the size.

A final note: If you create a blacksmithing station for your EK, be aware that the Fuel recipes (Carbon and Coal) will be missing. To craft those items in your EK, you need to use an intermediate crafting station.

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