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The Bloody Point CF Vlog - New Series, New URL!


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Hello to those of you maniacs who actually read this sub-forum and click the links therein! I, Anthrage StormRider, based on the comments of a few of my YT subscribers and some people in the community have started a new series of videos on The Bloody Point channel; TBP: Tips - this series will feature shorter more focused videos providing tips and tutorials for specific in-game tasks and features, and in keeping with the short theme, I've also set up an ultra-short URL that will be easier to share both out and in game. Without further ado, I give you the first of these videos on a topic many a new player struggles with - Dust!

Short Link to playlist: TBP.TIPS
Direct link to topic video: TBP.TIPS/dust 

Standard YT Link:


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