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Let It Start! Crowfall Character Art! [Giveaway Thread]


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I'm gonna start doing inks to get some practice in. Why not open a thread for a chance at some character art for the community!


Anyways, the basic rules and guidelines so I don't get hammered with stuff and get overwhelmed.


  1. only 1 character per user (for now)
  2. Must be within Crowfall's universe
  3. Must be Crowfall confirmed races so far.
  4. Please keep it polite :3

I am doing these for free so it may take some time to go through the thread since I do have commissions of my own to take care of.


How to post:


  • Character Name:
  • Race:
  • Appearance:

No references please!

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Character Name: Vaandus Shieldheart

Race: Centaur

Appearance: Centaur wearing heavy armor, no helmet. On his right arm a Chinese Glaive that this supported in his right shoulder while his left arm that is holding a circular shield, medium or large, but without putting a lot of strength in the arm. Black long hair, tied only at the end. In front, the hair is well divided. His face has a mature air, something like a general of a small army, his eyes are not very large, the pupil is brown. Has a well-cut beard that does not fall more than the chin. No mustache. If possible, I'd like armor had a similar design to the end of knights fantasy XII.


I hope I have not exaggerated ...

"An ordinary archer practices until he gets it right. A Ranger practices until he never gets it wrong." -The Lost Stories  


✣Junte-se a nós✣

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Character Name:

Addas Frostsinger


Human Confessor


A human male with dark, short-cropped hair and a similarly-short beard, limited to the chin, and mustache, all plain in style. His face is set in a mostly neutral expression, though his eyes are kind.

He wears a brigandine over a cloth shirt and pants. The sleeves of the shirt reach to his elbows while the legs of the pants reach to his ankles and are tucked over the tops of his boots. A wool cloak hangs from his shoulders while a variety of pouches and leather bags hang from a belt at his waist, above his lift hip, while a holy book is secured to the same belt above the right. The belt held shut by a buckle in the shape of the symbol of his order.

His shins are protected by leather greaves and his wrists by leather vambraces. His hands are covered by gloves.

He wields a shield in his left hand and a short sword in his right.

The shield resembles a circle with the top and bottom cut off, with the straight edges running parallel to the length of user's arm, with a convex curve from the center out, like a lens. It is painted in two tones, though the paint is heavily worn, with the symbol of his order painted in white at the center. The shield is held at ease, hanging at his side.

The sword has a straight blade of unadorned steel. The crossguard and pommel are similarly plain. The sword is also held at ease.

- - - - -

I hope that's not going overboard with the description or anything.

Edited by TerranAmbassador
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