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Aussie wondering about ping and playability

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Morning All,

Just wondering what it's like at the moment? I'm expecting ping of 250-350 as usual but will I be able to learn the game without it being to much of a hindrance? I know what I am getting into having played my share of NA based games/servers but is it about average?

Been watching the limited streamers on Twitch and it certainly looks like something I'd be interested in playing.



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Hi Flaankem,

        I play in Australia and ping is like you are expecting. I've turned all the settings down to the very minimum now and it is a noticeable improvement.

     You can definitely get a feel for the game with our ping but pvp combat is very sketchy. It makes melee close to impossible against other players, I was in a fight yesterday where I maybe got two hits in while I was stuck for seconds at a time facing directions my opponent had just left.

This is the tweet that keeps me playing :D In the comments there is a hint that Oceanic server/s will be a thing at launch.

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I play from New Zealand. The high ping makes some things more challenging, but generally it is still playable. Here is some playability advice:

  1. Choose a server with the lowest ping.  If there are Asia/Oceania campaigns, join those.  They have had servers up in Sydney already. They can start up servers wherever the demand is, so if there are enough of us, it is just like flipping a switch for them to start a server in Sydney.
  2. When harvesting, you may or may not be able to hit the "weak spots" in time.  I find on some types of resources it's pretty much impossible. So choose different harvesting skills/strategies, ones you have a better chance at.
  3. Battle is a mixed bag. Sometimes I find the lag doesn't matter that much.  If I am aimed properly, it seems to register a hit, even though the message is lagged (the server knows the duration of the lag and calculates whether or not what we are seeing would have been a hit, without trusting the client, if you get what I mean).  OTOH, sometimes you can go from full health to dead without any opportunity to respond because the messages were all delayed and you didn't even know you were in a fight yet.  SO... the best strategy in battle is to be the attacker.



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