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Hello all, name's Putzin


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I'm from a fairly new gaming community called Zealots. I  discovered Crowfall through some friends who highly recommended the game to me back when it was a Kickstarter, bought in and waited. I've been looking for a new MMO for a long time. My two all time favorite MMOs I've played were World of Warcraft which I played for about 7 years.. And also Mortal Online who got me into the truely hardcore gaming aspect that I love. I've yearned for a heavy PvP game since then and have been wandering the lonely internet for a couple years now.. Waiting.


I think this game has great potential for me and my community and I can't wait for all the adventures to unfold before me. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this.


If you're looking for a fun group of guys to play Crowfall with check us out.


Website: http://Www.ZealotsOfficial.enjin.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/QFb2S

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