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Generally those posts are popular because there isn't a unanimous conclusion to resolve it. They're just drawn out by discourse, basically.

The next patch 5.6 will provide a full wipe, skills and all. The skill time currency as well as how you use it is are being revamped into a pip system rather than the hours/minutes we currently have. You will just be banking your time to gain these pips that you can spend in that skill tree by simply clicking the skills you want to spend on. This will help break up the tedium of the the current, " I need to invest almost a solid half hour just to get caught up on my skills", making it into ~only a few minutes instead.

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The revamp is simply a change to seconds. It hides how long the skills are going to take to most people. Instead of the first pip of the first node taking almost 3 hours (10800 seconds) it is taking 9000ish skill points.  ( No clue who did this chart up originally, but thanks Tinnis for linking it to me. ) I do not know if this is exact, but it feels pretty close overall. 

This is the first node in combat. Right now we are getting 1 skill point every 10 seconds. Even though the tooltip says we are supposed to be getting 10 every 10 seconds.  The 894 is pretty close to what this top table says. 2.39 would be 8604 and the tooltip is 894. But remember we are only getting the skill point 1 every 10 seconds. Instead of 10, so the wild decimal point is appearing again. 



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Node by node is clear, once you get the first one done, the next node goes to color.

Required pips is the number of dashes in the line, but that is not obvious, till you've seen it once.


They are looking at the "boring" part. Season of plenty with it's universal bump in PH pips (3), is for early seasons to make things go faster.

They also made the trash resource nodes take far less swings to knock over.  So that's better.  Not enough, but better and it's still being looked at.

And we can FLY!!!! (Thanks Jah for the video).

Hope springs eternal.


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