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Currently we don't see wether we can craft a specific item, unless we use the appropriate crafting table. Which is quite a bit unconvinient. Do I have this recipe? Where do I have to be to use it? Do I have to train more skills?

I would like to suggest that when opening the crafting windo [J], all trained recipes are shown ... though those that require an intermediate crafting station or dedicated crafting stations get, for example, a different color, to indicate that you have to use such a station in order to use them. Maybe add a note somewhere in the menu (yellow: needs intermediate crafting station / red: needs dedicated crafting station), or something like that.

I think this could make things much more understandable.

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I would take it a step further and show all recipes, whether or not they are trained, and for the ones that aren't trained, show the requirements for it.

They've talked about making it more obvious how to unlock recipes. That would be a good way to do it. 

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Oh heck yes. 

If we could access all the recipes from J and have a toggle for learned and unlearned it would be so much easier to know what was needed.

They could have requirements missing with the node name and pip amount needed to learn as well. Giving people the ability to make the right choices. Like Missing requirement: Blacksmith Table, Intermediate Armor Research,  3 pips completed

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I agree completely. In a system that is going to demand so much time to progress skills, making the best choice possible for your particular crafting needs requires more information available, not less. We won’t be able to train everything, or even a high percentage of skills, but if crafters know that it takes one or two pips to open a needed skill, enabling a particular recipe, players make the judgement that it is worth training effort.

Along the same lines, instead of opening the entire inventory window when the crafting recipe window opens, why not just display the resources currently in inventory that could be used in the recipe in a row at the top of the recipe window? 

Why have a “take” button? Who is not going to take something they have just crafted? After crafting is completed, the item should just go to inventory automatically.


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