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Femtaur Gaiawyn Gets a Makeover

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I enjoy creating ugly characters from time to time.

I've been bored of female monsters in games for quite sometime because they're never half as cool as the male monsters, because they don't do enough to make the sexual dimorphism anything interesting and they're just like humans with a few exaggerated features, because people want their female monsters to be vaguely custardable from a human perspective.

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well the lipstick kills the centaur. But that aside I think this could be a good direction in terms of character creation. You know the slider magic.... (no boob slider please). 

The Fae looks a bit too sparkly but could be the effects.....

You get the wolves...lots of wolves...and sheep that wear armor and have developed an appetite for blood soaked grass - dubanka

Even insects smell good when roasted - a random confessor

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32 minutes ago, Gaulwa said:

I think only small races should be able to ride a centaur.

IE, a guinecean :)

Also, Centaur Waifu is best Waifu.


Now we're heading in the right direction except this centaur has to much armor on.

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