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[COIN] Cobalt Industries

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Many people play games. There's as many reasons people play as there are games out there. Things get simpler when you get to MMOs. While there are still a lot of answers to that basic question of why to keep going, it boils down to a few simple categories. Some play for the PVP. Some for the social interaction. Some for the grind. But what about us?

We play for the coin.



Who are we?

We are Cobalt Industires. As I tried to point out in that fancy-schmancy opening quote, the entire charter behind this guild is to build our wealth. Not just mine, but everyone from me to the newest recruit. While we don't know exactly what the game will be like at launch, there's a very good chance that the wealth will be in the organized efforts of many crafters working together to sell specialized gear to the people who prefer spilling blood.

That doesn't mean we're a bunch of sneaks who hide in our EKs until we have to make a sale, though. There are many career paths that can be taken, and that's just one. To make our items, we need resources. Not just some poor quality tin, though, we need people willing to venture into the most dangerous campaigns to get us the highest quality materials so we can make the highest quality gear. Those gatherers will need to take with them some of the most ruthless and savage killers to protect them while they do their work. When they get back, and they will get back, we need teams capable of working their magic to turn those raw materials, piece by piece, into the sturdiest armor and the sharpest blades. We need people capable of enchanting the gear to turn them from just ordinary metal or hide into outstanding, ready-for-combat gear.

Not everything can be done in-game, either. To make money, we need to sell our wares. We need to organize sales orders, and make sure we assign the right tasks to the right people to provide the cheapest solution and maximize our profits. COIN is not just for that person wanting to make the best sword hilts. It's for everyone in the chain.


What are we looking for?

We're looking for you, most likely. For now, as we're in the early days, we need anyone who wants to be the best, and richest, that they can be.

- Gatherers

- People from all crafting disciplines

- PvPers

- Surveyors

We don't discriminate.


What do we offer?

As of writing this? Not much. We need people for that. But as we grow, our services will as well.

Things we offer now:

A Discord server for guild members.

Things planned on being offered:

Centralized resource to find things that need to be made for sale.

Groups to go out on PvP/gathering roams.

Discounted supplies to those who provide their services to the guild.

Means of making money for your craft without worrying about the other steps in the crafting chain; possibility for full specialization

More coming soon..


Well all this sounds great, Meta, how do I join?

Well, thank you, I do agree that it sounds great. If you want to join, you must meet a couple criteria first:

- Mature. We don't have a 17/18+ requirement, but we don't want to act as a babysitter.

- Must have an account capable of some form of Crowfall playtesting. We won't be fully up and running as a guild until soft launch, but it would be unfair to those who want people to play with now.

- Discord is a must. Using a microphone is completely optional, but access to at least text chat is necessary for proper guild operations.

If you fulfill all three of those criteria, get in touch with me (@MetaFate#2248) on Discord and explain why you're interested in joining.


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Hey there, a friend and myself are looking for a guild to plug into and making gold is exactly what we want to do. I sent you a friend request on discord from RJH#6458. If Cobalt Industries is still alive we would like to join.

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