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I like your day night cycle idea...

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Hi, I want to say that I like your day night cycle idea, but I was wondering if you could do more.

I want stealthers to have an easier time ganking at night and for items like torches to exist to counter this.

I think stealth is a fun mechanic and I haven't seen a game add a bonus to being hidden at night (that I know of)


As well as that, I would like to see caravans with torches and maybe they would have a bit more of a light aura effect to them to really highlight their presence in the world and to also make them seem like beacons of protection.


I think you guys should really lean into just how dark night is, and how minecraft made it such an intimidating period of time to be out in the world.

Also it gives another consumable to produce and we remember fondly how much we utilized torches in minecraft I hope.

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Looking through the days and nights post, they are leaning towards more of an Ark/minecraft inspiration for it, at least when it comes to the danger it seems.

As for the night stealth buff and torches, I like the play on that as well since it would be interesting to watch players use them for poi's to root out potential thieves and would be gankers in the night.

My question is are looking to have it be a required hard cap darkness? I.e. forcing players to actually have to use light sources to see their way around with darkness threatening to engulf those who meander from its warm embrace for the potential unknowns that lurk out in the night?
As a side note, I would love to have the moon have some influence to play in the cycle as well. From creating ambient light when full, and potentially buffing were-discipline builds to essentially being the only sun during the winter months and as the moon wanes so too does weak light it provides for getting about without torches.

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Night time:

Every player can use "sneak" in the survival tray.

Sneak is a night-only toggle stealth that automatically breaks near light sources and does not grant the user any +stealth stat. It can still be broken by other antistealth abilities.

New minor discipline "sneaky" grants +25% stealth while sneaking, and allows stealth to work against light sources (so you can sneak closer before it breaks)

Mage archetypes gain the "light" spell in the survival tray. A portable hands-free light source castable on self or other ends when recast on a new target.

Non-mages can carry a basic survival torch crafted from 1 log in their tool slot. Torch is dropped on the ground and continues to burn for 60 seconds if entering another tray while holding it. Torches have f skill interactions with braziers, unlit campfires, and other such features in the world to create more light sources (rhough these will burn themselves out after several minutes if nobody is around)

Non-Mages can take the "Light Caster" Minor disc to gain this spell (good for night harvesting!)

Farsight and maximum sight ranges halved at night. New minor disc "night vision" to counteract this. (Good for antistealth characters to keep full effectiveness at night)

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