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General "how To Make A Thread" Help Thread


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The post contains my non-expert opinions on how to write an (informative) thead "properly".

  • You should start each chapter with the essentials, and move further explaining towards the end of each chapter
  • Strive for better substance with less words
  • Sum up your thread in an abstract or TL;DR section preferably at the beginning.
  • Choose your topics descriptively
  • Providing examples can dissolve excessive vagueness and give reader some more concrete substance
  • Summary can also be placed to the end of the post. It's a good place to prep up discussion for the comments section.

Providing the points in abstract in listform can be effective. I like this method personally. This way the abstract becomes much like a table of contents. If you've chosen your topics descriptively, they should reflect your key points. When they reflect your keypoints, the abstract and the ToC in substance can be very similar, or so I think at least.



Start each chapter with the essentials

Try to get the essence of the content into the beginning of each chapter. A chapter's structure should be similar to the post's structure in the sense that you provide the concise package first. Then go into details and explaining how, why and so forth. This way the reader gets a good grasp of what you're writing about, they will feel like they're right on the subject after the first few lines.


Make a statement and argue for it after. The reader might want to know what you're arguing for before reading the actual arguments. If the reader already agrees with what you're saying, he might not care about your arguments. The substance might feel off if the arguments that are used are later revealed to support a stance.


Substance and length

Try to deliver as good quality substance with as few words as you can. Avoid repeating the same substance in the thread. Reading takes time. It might take skill to communicate plenty of substance while using only a few words. The more complicated the subject, the harder it becomes to be concise. Still I think substance matters more than the length of the post. Length is a resource to provide substance for the writer and it costs time for the reader.


Summary, generalization, TL;DR or abstract

Sum up what you've actually written into a concise package in which the reader can find the most important points. What is this thread about. What are the primary points. What kind of reasoning is supporting them. In my opinion and ideally the reader should know what your thread contains after reading the abstract, though he might not agree with you.


Choose your topics and subtopics accurately

Choose an accurate and descriptive topic. Topics should reflect what the thread or the chapter contains. This helps the reader process the information before him,  it takes time and might not even be enjoyable. With accurate topics browsing through the thread is easier.


Concrete examples to dissolve ambiguity when the substance is vague or general

Providing an example can give the reader concrete substance to dissolve ambiguities related to vagueness. This helps the reader to understand the writer's intention better. I've probably taken most of the points in this thread from the methods practiced in studies I'm used to reading at ncbi / pubmed. You can find an example from this link. Also this entire thread is supposed to be an example.


Summary for discussion

So these were some pointers about informative threads, perhaps they were not so useful. By the way I'm a lousy writer, and I probably shouldn't be writing guides for others on how to write. Still I decided to try this. Also I tried to adopt a different style of writing for this guide and probably won't heed by this guide either.


What do you think? Are these any good?




PS. It might be a good addition that you should write in the correct forum section. Now as this probably shouldn't be in the suggestion box, doh :lol: , maybe some nice moderator will move the thread to off-topic or general discussion......? ^_^

Edited by Kaiho
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Indeed this post is a bit too long to be enjoyable, ironically it also contains advice on how the thread should be shorter. Though I realized it only after posting, and I also pointed it out, there are two chapters that are unnecessarily repeating each other. I suspect that merging the two chapters will make the entire thread a bit more compact. I think I'll edit it later to actually make it shorter, but I think it'll also be an illustration that you can process the text, which could be one point, and an example of how the thread become shorter. So for this effect, I'm not editing that part yet, but instead waiting for some time for people to read this first, then if more comments show up, once the thread becomes edited, people can see how it shortens too. ^_^

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I enjoyed it.  It's a pretty sound structure, though you'll find not only forums, but even the news online, seems to be shifting towards a disgusting degree of click-bait titles meant to titillate or instill a strong emotion such as fear, disgust or occasionally hope.  Also voyeurism.  Attention spans being what they are these days, posts like the ones you describe are the pink unicorns of the forum.





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, posts like the ones you describe are the pink unicorns of the forum.




i thought , being who i was from OPP, that made me THE "pink unicorn" of these Forums


(those not from SB wouldn't know...our guild was the Order of the Pink Pansies, and our shield/guild crest was a Unicorn, rampant, on a Pink background)


ok, those form SB laughed...for the rest...gah, i hate having to explain...


let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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being prolific does not relate to being "unique"


yer olde Doc is the UberTroll...there is no bridge big enough to keep my epeen under, this indeed makes me "rare"


just because i leave a lot of "droppings" does not diminish the fact that there are no others quite like meh...


let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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