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Blair Math

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I was even the Honor Grad from my electronics class!


People just tend to get snarky (no way!) when we make mistakes (or don't agree with how something works), and I am one of the more visible faces of the team (so pretty much have a bullseye painted on me at all times).

Thomas Blair
ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.
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"Blair Math" is just a Crowfall meme at this point. It's a term of endearment almost. I'm very much looking forward to more interesting memes and lingo as the game progresses.




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8 minutes ago, Kraahk said:

That's only because of the beard. Don't worry, they are just jealous.

It's actually the T-Shirts. 

Way too much brain power drained in to T-Shirt creativity, must leave less room in the old noggin for sortn figures out.

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It all started when crafting was implemented. Things were funky and TBlair was right at center of everything crafting related. I remember he often dropped by the forums to explain how things (were supposed) to work and engaged a lot whenever crafting problems were related.

His math at times didn't match reality. At others it didn't match how we expected them to be. So it really seemed at times Blair was using a different math than us.

He said things were right and we said 'no way!'

Nowadays BlairMath can be used to refer to any sketchy math. Blair doesn't even need to have interacted with it.

BUT I would like to say I never thought of the term as 'snarky'. I always found it more amusing than anything.

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