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Vassals FAQ Page

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Are the slash commands only usable by the monarch? Might want to make it clearer since I would expect nobles(and vassals and even citizens) to also have some commanding power, even if only general commands like /eklist or /invite.

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5 - Does the player have to be in the EK for me to assign them a rank or transfer tokens?

No! They don’t even have to be online. However, you do need to be on the parcel in question to promote someone to vassal of that parcel or transfer that parcel’s tokens to someone.

Does the 'No!' sounds weird to anyone else?

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42 minutes ago, Tinnis said:

any plans to revisit some other FAQ sections? some are just embarrassing out of date / inaccurate at this point if trying to show or discuss with new people...

Yep, they're all getting a facelift. I'm working on updating them and getting them approved.

Jack Kirby
Associate Writer/Customer Service Manager

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