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The Gods must be CRAZY or awesome.

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I did the math and some of it was based on next tier assumptions but just to give everyone an idea of what is to come.

Allegedly the currently training speed in testing is at 10x (I might be wrong but it says it at the top of the screen).  In testing you gain 1 training point per second (10 points every 10 seconds).  After launch at the current rate it will take approximately 453000 seconds (126 hours) to unlock an advanced crafting tree such as Blacksmithing.  4032000 seconds (1120 hours) to complete the basic crafting tree

Then it will take an additional 27.5 million seconds (7600 hours) to complete the Blacksmithing tree.  22.5 million seconds (6200 hours) each to complete the other 7 trees.  No idea on factories.

This is good as the dev's said it would take about 6 months to complete a tree.  This is bad because 6 months is about 4400 hours.  #Blair Math

It does reinforces the need for cooperation and coordination.  Anyone who feels like they will be able to do it alone will either need at least 9 account, 9 months and the time to maintain those accounts or 1 account and 6 years.


Disclaimer:  I have been hit in the head a lot,  if my math is off then I offer you a straw so you can suck it the custard up.


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I wanted to do the math for this but had a hard time figuring out how many points I would need to get through the trees. If I already trained it or did not have it unlocked I could not see how many points I would need. I was curious did you keep track of the amount needed as you trained it? I know a few people have tried to do the math but werent able to figure it out. Thank you for the work in discovering the numbers.

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Hi, from a couple of vids they have also hinted at it taking a year or more to complete, which is more inline with your figures you flashed up.... 

Apologies, I have not done the math, but i hope this helps :)

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But still you dont need to learn a complete Skilltree to get to the next one!

Just a example, you want to quickly get to Blacksmithing so the first tree for you is "Crafting Basics".
You need effectively 0,4666 Days to get there. (11.2 hours) = 40320 Points.

And realy thats quit fast, of course if you want to master a Skill Tree it will take a long time.
Some skills maybe dont cooperate with your play style, so you wont learn them.

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@ElFlocko multiply by 10.  Training is currently set at 10x as fast, so it will take 112 hours based on your math.

Basic tree is as follows:

Node 1 - 360 per pip x 4 = 1440

Node 2 - 360 per pip x 4 = 1440

Node 3 - 2160 per pip x 4 = 8640

Node 4 - 2160 per pip x 4 = 8640

Node 5 - 5040 per pip x 5 = 25200

Total = 45360 at 1 point per 10 seconds = 126 hours to get to the blacksmithing tree

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Blacksmithing tree looks like this at minimum to complete.  Note Node 6 is an estimate.  It has not been confirmed.

Advanced Crafting (Tier 2)           Min Pips Pts to move on # of Nodes Points to Comp all
Node 1 5040 4 20160 1 20160
Node 2 10080 4 40320 4 161280
Node 3 15120 4 60480 9 544320
Node 4 25200 5 126000 9 1134000
Node 5 25200 5 126000 5 630000
Node 6 50400 5 252000 1 252000



=7616 hours or

317.33 days or

45.33 weeks

Not including the 126 hours needed to get there.

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