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02/13/15 - Happy Valentine's Day From Artcraft

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How can  you NOT love puns.  They're like gassy grandparents, fun for the whole room!

"Darken the moon and conceal the stars; our Light will never be extinguished." - The Tome of the First Flame


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some background on the original pic here....the Elken had just told a Joke...


what did one doe say to the other after coming out of the woods?


"I'll never do that for two Bucks again"


I so <3 this entire Thread...


let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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it's not a buck, doe, or a hart. It's an elk (a member of the deer family but not "a deer").  He is specifically a bull elk. Please direct your puns towards the proper nomenclature. It will be more enjoyable to all.


example: If Crowfall has an unarmed Elken class it would be call "Bullonious Monk".


Carry on

Edited by skookum

Crowfall: The Official Game of


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