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5.6 LIVE Patch Notes for 5/25/18

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5.6 is LIVE! Here are the big changes:

Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.6
Welcome to Vassals and Skills Update

An up-to-date list of Known Issues is also available! Please refer to this list prior to playing for important call outs and known problems that we are currently working on and investigating here: 5.6.1 Known Issues List

To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: 5.6 Live Bug Reports and Feedback

New Items for 5.6 

  • Wood Elf Male has been added as a playable race. Please note that the visuals for the armor are not present just yet but should equip and update stats properly.
  • High Elf Male has been added as a playable race. Please note that the visuals for the armor are not present just yet but should equip and update stats properly.
  • Female and Male Fae has been added as a playable race which has the capability to glide.Fae female armor should be visible, but fae male armor is not.
  • New campaign map Mourning has been added. 
  • New doober pickup visual FX have been added.

Skill Trees:

  • New skill menu and interface has been added. Time bank has been removed and a new pip training system has been added for better ease of use. This is now a time based skill advancement system.
  • Training will now accumulate at 1 point per every ten seconds.
  • Tri-panel skill windows have been added to the main Skills Menu with training videos.
  • Added VIP Status to skill viewer header bar.
  • Added a Pathfinding node to Exploration tree.
  • Trees now unlock correctly based on % trained in previous trees.
  • “Can now train” pip symbol now disappears when you can't train.
  • Class Basics and Race Basics trees may no longer be accessed.
  • Fighter, Mage and Rogue trees and Man, Sylvan and Monster trees are now always available without pre-reqs. These are now the root trees in their respective spheres.
  • Wrapped a portion of basic stats into the Man and Sylvan trees, added the first part of the old basic attributes to the Monster tree, added the remainder of the basic attributes to the Human, Half-Blood, Elf and Faeries trees, and added the remainder of the basic tree attributes to the Hybrid and Underfoot trees. 
  • Better notification has been added when trying to train a new nodel when a skill within the same track is currently being trained. 
  • Adjusted skill trees pre-requisites values to take into account new skill node values.
  • "Select" and "View Skills" UI should no longer display when exiting the skills menu.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing training when switching skill trees.

New Vassals System:

  • The new Vassals system will allow EK owners to grant permissions to nobles and vassals to build within the EK. You can find the specific Vassals Command List by clicking on the Cog in upper right corner of the Chat Window and selecting “Command List”. 
  • The world owner, which is referred to as the Monarch, has the ability to grant any player on the Allowed Players List the right to place parcels in the world.  
  • Noble List management commands 
    • The World Owner can use the following commands to manage the Noble List:
    • /addnoble <playername> - add <player> to the Noble List.
    • /removenoble <playername> - remove <player> from the Noble list.
    • /listnobles - view the Noble List.
  • Ownership & Rights. 
    • When a player drops a parcel in a world, track them as the Parcel Owner.
    • Nobles can only move and remove parcels that they own.
    • World Owners can move and remove any parcels placed on the world.
    • World Owners will be able to Eject a parcel they do not own back to the owning player.
  • Implemented the /eklisttokens chat command which displays all granted tokens for the parcel you are standing on.


  • Added more token types to building mode HUD. There is now a difference between building structures and defense structures.
  • Updated house annex slot number for placeable Manor building.
  • Updated all socket visuals to be socket-type unique.
  • Changing placeable crafting interactions so that anyone can interact with it.
  • Fixing vendor interactions to better fit with the new system.
  • Implemented new movement mode for placeables. 
  • Updated EK grid size from 1->4, changed grid color to white, and updated placement grid to have both large and small subdivisions.
  • Adjusted the placement of crafting sockets in the keep.
  • Added a local bank to the crypt parcel.


  • Stats will now track their mods, parent modifications, and base values separately. Parent modifications will happen in one pass through all modified objects instead of possible multiple times. Stats can now check the unclamped value, and then apply a clamp to a modified amount.
  • Stats were getting removed when they were empty. There was a bug in the empty check, and everywhere that used stats assumed the player always has all stats. Instead of fixing everything, empty stats will no longer be removed if empty.
  • Added Pathfinding stat which reduces the amount of time it takes to pathfind when starting a trailblazing buff.


  • Removed intermediate Helmets.
  • Several basic crafting items (such as basic weapons) can still be crafted without a station, and the intermediate sets will require their respective stations or the General Crafting station to create. 
  • Moved intermediate armor recipes to Leatherworking stations. They can still be crafted at the General crafting station. 
  • Fixed a bug with ice and fire arrowheads which did not allow experimentation.
  • Crafted necklaces should now result in the proper gem outcome.
  • Lowering the amount of dust needed for armor and weapon recipes.
  • Added Basic Crafting recipe for Meat Tartare, good quick way to turn animal meats into low end food.
  • Updated the name of the “Long Daggers” Ranger weapons to now be “Short Swords”. 
  • Updated the name of the “Scimitar” Druid weapon to “Sickle”. 
  • Fire Arrows should result in Fire Arrows.
  • Hooked up error message when a recipe can't be crafted.
  • Crafting UI will now listen for inventory changed so that it will update correctly when all ingredients are added.
  • Fixed UI to show correct number of items crafted.
  • Recipes will now refresh correctly when switching stations.
  • Recipes will select correctly when switching stations.
  • Updated display name for recipe component arrowhead bundles.
  • Serial number and “Created By” display information on items has been re-enabled.
  • Shifted where crafting recipes are granted for jewelcrafting, woodworking, and runemaking, leatherworking, blacksmithing, stonemasonry, and alchemy.
  • Marking Crypt Parcel Recipe and Crafting Deck Recipe as no longer prototype.


  • Added Holy Armor to all Harvest Nodes to fix an exploit which allowed players to solo harvest Mega Nodes. 
  • Updated the interact type on the water well to now function more like a chest which means water flask availability is now set to a respawn time. Set sacrifice value on water flask to be a lot lower and lowering the max stack size of water flasks.
  • Firefly FX have been added to all harvesting nodes so they stand out as a way to notify the player that the object is “harvestable”.
  • Non-named resources (Knotwood, Slag, Cobblestone) should now be quicker to harvest and will be destroyed within 3 or 4 hits with a basic harvesting tool.

Player Movement:

  • Fix for veering when moving on steep slopes.
  • Fix rubberbanding when using power that sets the Pushed flag for a short time.
  • Synch fly text with movement and combat.
  • Added a few more movement controller adjustments to fix jump direction anomalies.
  • Created a fix so Disengage works properly.

Mobs and AI:

  • Make NPCs honor stealth for aggro.
  • More logging and debugging tools added.
  • Fix exception that caused NPCs to get lost when going home.
  • Fix to make AI target enemy players more reliably.

General Powers:

  • Added Seasonal Buffs.
    • Currently locked to Season of Plenty.
  • All Seasons will cause increases or decreases to; Harvest Chance: Apples, Plethora of Dust: All, Plentiful Resources: All.
  • Increased Retaliate combo duration to 8 seconds to match the duration of the longest CC.
  • Trailblazer and Trailmaster Buffs now have a 10 second passive timer before they activate at any point that they are eligible to activate. (You will see the Pathfinding buff applied to you while this countdown is activating).
  • Login invulnerability power is not cast on the player when they resurrect (at corpse or tow truck), they use the crypt to change vessels, or when another player casts a resurrect power on them.
  • Resurrection Powers cast times are now 15 seconds.
  • AoE Resurrection Powers range is now 15m.
  • Assassins Toxins will no longer apply to yourself when you take falling damage.


  • Plaguelord: Festering wounds will now apply separate debuff icons to indicate the Minor Disease, the Festering Wounds debuff (reduced Healing Modifier, Expose on healing) and the Exposed state. Updated description to note the healing reduction.
  • Decay will now properly refresh Expose durations when a successful Expose punish is executed.
  • Master of Pistols: Updated description for Rapid Fire to explicitly call out the guarunteed crit versus an Exposed target.
  • Fixed icon for Tear Reality.

Class Powers:

  • Growth from unrelated sources will no longer block Hate generation or the application of certain effects from Champion Ultimate Warrior.
  • Added cooldown back to Guinecean Saltpeter Rounds and updated description.
  • Go for Broke is now flagged as a Pistol Attack and can trigger Saltpeter Rounds.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause your character to briefly stop running when activating Guinecean Saltpeter Rounds.


  • Fixed Vanish sparks hanging around too long.
  • Flintlock Shot will now properly refresh Expose durations when a successful Expose punish is executed.


  • Created a 4th proc to Knight block which reacts to all hits which triggers a self DM linking to a game effect to play a "blocked" SFX.


  • Guineceans: 
    • All guineceans have the ability to double-jump. 
    • Guinecean Saltpeter Rounds can now be loaded into and used in both the Harvesting and Stealth tray.

Mobs and NPCS:

  • Created two web shields that damage the spider when broken, one which heals the spider if it expires and the other causes AOE damage and stun when it expires.
  • Fixed spider knockdown and stuns.
  • Loitering NPCs no longer attempt to move when loitering in place.
  • Reduce movement cost of NPCs by having them take bigger "steps". Should result in 2x improvement in number of AIs that can be pathing before it starts to hurt server performance.


  • Adding new common whoosh sounds, which are first being used for Knight unarmed attacks.
  • Adding/implementing sound for bandage.
  • Adding /implementing sound for death blow.
  • Adding stop commands for resurrects if they are interrupted.
  • Removing whispering from assassin stealth loop sounds.
  • Making sure the stealth FX (filter/delay) stop when you leave the assassin stealth tray.
  • Added first big batch of UI click sounds.  Mostly Alt-Mode related sounds.
  • Adding/implementing batch of UI sounds, including vender UI, login click, alt mode main tabs, and alt mode logout and cancel.  Polishing other UI sounds.  Adding sound for building mode item placement, although it needs a trigger still before it is heard.


  • Abattoir fixes: Players should no longer respawn on top of banners; Parcels should not display the working name when moving between them.
  • Added system vendors to Abattoir campaign map.
  • Updating diorama marker and diorama for muskhogs so they're in a neutral state - yellow health bar.
  • Updated variation of crafting tables in fort parcels, and removed extra alchemy station from the keep.
  • Updated beachhead to fix missing texture on cottage.
  • Added in edge world fog for 5.6

General Bug Fixes:

  • Eating a Golden Apple should now fully restore your hunger meter.
  • Adjusted weapon scale and normalizing scale of the daggers.
  • Updating doober shader to match environment shader, adding new collection fx.
  • Added intermediate armor to weapons system vendors.
  • Fixed bug that would keep VIP status indicator if VIP user logged out then back in with non-vip account.
  • Adding chaos ember doober, polish to dust and wood doobers. 
  • Fixed shadow quality to be driven by the Quality settings exclusively,
  • Fixed an issue with weapon trails appearing incorrectly.
  • Several collision and visual updates made to rocks, buildings, and props. 
  • Added harvesting tool shaders to stealth and wood elf camo game effect shading.
  • Fixed animations for harvest wood hip turns, tuned assassin unarmed basics. 
  • Cleaned up healing and damage tray fx on druid.
  • Animation polish pass has been done on the Templar basic attacks.
  • Changed Vendor upkeep cost to be 5 gold instead of 10 per 30 minutes.
  • Fixing offsets for items in inventory grids.
  • Hate should now be tracked immediately before (rather than after) the stat value changes for damage, to prevent an error happening with the new 3-hit harvesting nodes.
  • Adjusted the interact radius on crypt cairn and adjusted its placement within the crypt parcel.
  • Reworked some keybinding options so that we can successfully bind ESDF instead of WASD for movement.
  • Increased doober trigger volume size so they're easier to pickup.
  • Updated vessel tooltip to show base stats and points spent & fixed bug with guinecean basic attack appearing unusable.
  • Flytext on Harvesting Nodes should now be visible.
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Calling out and Linking Known Issues List for 5.6.1 Issues and adjusting thread title

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