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*Give Away Is Over! Congrats!

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Hi guys. This is only for people with small to slightly larger skull, as I've only got one Crowfall Hat to give away and its small. Also, because I'm cheap its only for those in the USA, I don't know much about shipping and I'm lazy to boot so that's the deal.

So if you have a slightly smaller then average head this hat might be perfect for you.

All you have to do is post here and have a small skull, live in the USA, and when 5.6 launches I'll pick a winner. It might be random, it might be based on if you post some epic joke, or if you start a good conversation. Just depends on how much effort yal put in and how hard you make choosing a winner.

Once I pick a winner I'll contact you via pm and I'll get your address, I'll send you the hat, and that will be that. You'll have a hat, that fits your small head, and I'll have given away a hat I can't wear.


Oh more details. Its an official crowfall hat, and its a flex fit so small to slightly larger heads should fit.


To get more people into the contest I'll keep it open for a week. That way the night owls can get in and stuff and anyone who has a life can also be aware when they get off work or something.

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The hat was described as small-medium on the official page, and it almost fit my mom's very small head. If it fit a little bit better it'd be hers, so it has to be a reasonably small head.

If you have a kid interested in crowfall this might be a good hat for them.

I was capable of putting the hat on, but it was a tight uncomfortable fit, but it worked so if you enjoy painful hats this might also be for you.

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14 minutes ago, Zomnivore said:

See Naymo thats something I wouldn't know about. If its true and I can ship to a US base as though it were domestic, consider yourselves valid entrants.

Glad to have been of help! This should give a breath of hope to everyone living abroad and still desiring so hard to get their hands (or maybe head???) on that Crowfall hat. Btw I am not even interested in joining the competition (head probably to big and I usually don't wear hats), but I wanted to point this out because probably there was someone wanting to join!! Good luck to everyone for the amazing hat contest. And also, you are very kind to offer one for free.


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On 5/25/2018 at 10:10 AM, Silverback said:

I'll pony up for my daughter who is waiting for the fae and has a small head.

Alright guys contest is over Silverback wins on account of tugging at my heart strings, I love families that game together. Also I assume her head would be suitably small.


Silverback all you gotta do is PM your address to me.

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