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5.6 Active players - Order side

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Hey everyone, not sure this was the right spot to post this. If anyone is interested, we currently have a small group of players that are actively playing on the Order faction. With 5.6 about to release, I figured we would share the discord link for anyone that is looking for a group. I did not post this in the guild thread because currently none of us are in a guild and this is more directed at anyone who is currently playing.  Whether you are new to the game, unguilded or in a guild playing alone because your guild is not active yet you are welcome to join us. Discord rules are posted on the discord page --https://discord.gg/taKvusj

We are-

*Currently a small group of 4-7 active players

*On mostly nights EST - All timezones are welcome though

*Most of us are older gamers and have been active on the Order side


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New discord channel

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Great group of guys, very helpful and they like to have fun. Anyone on Order side looking to learn or jus roll with some Good players should definately hit up Hunt.


(Outlawone is always watching)

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