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Confessor doesn't feel right


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I want to start by saying thanks for all the hard work so far! You guys have come a long way.

Now this is just personal feelings I have. I am not asking for them to change the class for me only.

My main interest in Crowfall was the chance at playing a Confessor again. Since I've never seen this class in any other game (To my knowledge only in SB) it is all I have to go off of. Fanatics blessed by Saint Malorn to "Purge the Wicked" through Fire.Not really big on the idea or direction of more CC oriented Fire Mage. More like Fire wielding Priest in the old days. Now I know we are only in 5.6 and still Balance passes and more class tuning to endure. But will we ever get semi close to Shadowbane's Confessors? Or should I roll Templar and start campaigning for "Wings of the Seraphim" ? Thx for the time.

TLDR: SB Confessor Fanboy wanna be more Fire/Priest less Fire/Mage.

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Ty for replying with your opinion on the class! I was hoping this would wake up our class forum a little :D . I guess I should have added I've only been testing Fessors since 5.2 so not much time really spent in groups bigger than 3. I didnt mean to come off as hating the class, but jus not what i'm used to it being. That being said, I know this isn't Shadowbane so things are different. I guess I should've just asked for which direction the class was heading towards more CC & less Dmg, as current. Or Less CC & more Dmg. If it is the latter I could live with that.

You guys tell me your views likes/dislikes of the class currently


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On 5/26/2018 at 3:43 AM, surBear said:

I love fessors.  As they stand in CF atm, they are severely underpowered.  Still fun to play in a good group but you will still be the first to fall while doing little damage.

I agree. It could still work, but for God's sake, they need more range on the left click abilities at least.

Kind of on topic, but there are no "Race" forums. Do something with Nethari... It is currently the lesser choice in every class that is available to it. 
Confessor? - Elken (Traimaster, Range bonus, Gestalt, headbutt)

Assassin? - Fey ... no need to explain this one

Templar? - Only "argument" you could make is 2X Zealot rush to close faster with censure... But I'd take the Human for Passive/Power slots or Elken for obvious reasons.

And please fix the Zealot rush ability. Currently, you have to Remove your finger from movement key (joystick if using a gamepad) before you initiate it or otherwise you lose distance.

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