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Wildcrafting - Official Discussion Thread

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@jtoddcoleman @ACE_Jackal

Since there will be more focus on food and the harvesting/growing of said food.  Will there be a possibility of adding a food timer to cause said food to expire?  This would cause the minute to minute loop to stay intact for the entire campaign rather then a guild just amassing food during the first season when resources are plenty and then riding out that food store for the rest of the campaign.

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Looks neat, very much like how "Empyrion – Galactic Survival" does herb collection, but we are going to need bags soonish.

Just roaming around harvesting lower end nodes in season of plenty, I am able to half fill my window with one off items like spider silk and honey combs.  Adding in 1 second to pick plants all over the place is going to create an inventory overload.

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we'll have a variety of crops available growing throughout the world

That sounds like we could "plant" crops...but the article is much more geared toward a "find it, snag it, move along" model. Do you foresee a system of true crop planting/production being added or only random harvesting of plants based upon the biomes?

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Cool, I like those second-2-second activities

My English is not se yellow from se egg! Mostly I understand only railwaystation.

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"A cook could be just as important as a blacksmith, a gatherer as necessary as a miner."

Cooking a future crafting skill? GIVE ME THE COOK!

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23 minutes ago, Anthrage said:

Very interesting. I am wondering though, how, if it all, this relates to or impacts the yet-to-be-populated Gathering Harvesting Tree.

Maybe with enough skill you will see sparkles. :D

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An thought provoking update! 

I look forward to how it drops into training and supply other professions with components


Don't forget, the one EK that no one will judge you for looting your guilds treasury is Anhrez's Doober Shack. Where you can take those long con gains and 'simplify' them to more easily fit in your inventory. While you are unloading your hard earned winnings, swing by the Bazaar and pick up something to celebrate your genius.


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So Desert, Forest, Highland, and Marsh biomes confirmed?

I think the one we have right now is highlander? And desert was confirmed before. Would like a deep forest, and a marsh biome sounds interesting...

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