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New player seeking guidance!

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Hello everyone! So excited to get my hands on Crowfall! I just purchased the pioneer start pack and I was wondering whats the best way I can learn to play. CAn anyone give advice or point me to their favorite starter video? Will it be too hard to get into it myself. I've been playing MMO's for 10+ years so I can say im a veteran, but who knows this might be different from the rest!

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Well, there aren't many "how to" videos in reference to playing it....  The game is in pre-alpha, so things are constantly shifting and changing.  I'd say play around on your Eternal Kingdom first, or a Mourning server and play around with things.  In game there are actually a bunch of videos about crowfall at the menu screen when you log in.  You'll also want to start training your skills, once again, no guides or anything really for this since it's pretty new and changed this patch.  So it's all experimental and up to you.  No need to worry though, skill wipes are frequent enough and are at 10x normal speed.  Also, feel free to ask questions in the general chat in game, or on our discord server.

Have fun, and don't sweat about losing things in game and you'll be fine.

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