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The Arkadium


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The Arkadium is looking for vassals to set up shop. We're looking for a Runemaker and a Woodworker for now, to see how it goes, then we'll likely look to bring in more vendors. There are already houses set up. All you need is a stall, a vendor, and inventory to sell.

We are also looking for suppliers. We're mostly interested in common quality right now as skills are still pretty low, but will consider higher quality. Full stacks only please.

If you are interested in setting up a vendor, or want to be a supplier, reply to this thread, contact Arkade, Akanan or Trundle in game (they are all me, so if you don't get a response on one, I'm probably busy on one of the others) or send a PM to Arkade on the forums.

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The Arkadium welcomes Druft!

Druft is a Runemaker and is selling a fine selection of runetools. Come check them out, and browse our increasing selection of 1-handed weapons. 

We are still looking for more vassals. Now accepting applications for Woodworkers, Alchemists, Stonemasons, Leatherworkers and Necromancers. We will also consider Blacksmiths who want to specialize in armor.

If interested, reply to this thread, contact me in game on one of the characters listed above, or send me a PM on the forums.

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Our product list is expanding, but not quickly enough!

I have recently begun producing main hand pistols, rapiers, focus orbs, sickles and shields, as well as harvesting potions and advanced toxins. Druft is doing a great job keeping the runetool vendor stocked and the quality is improving by the day. We have recently entered into an agreement to obtain woodworking subcomponents, but having a dedicated, in-house woodcrafter would be better. 

What we really need now is someone to produce and sell armor. I can craft it, but don't have the time or resources to do so and to do it right, on top of everything else I'm crafting.

The Arkadium gets a good volume of traffic. Some people come just for the crafting stations, others come to buy or just to browse. With your help, the Arkadium can become the premier destination for EK shopping.

We also need a leatherworker, a necromancer, a stonemason and a jewelcrafter. I can do all of these except necromancy, but I do them poorly. We need people who can do them well, who are dedicated to improving in those crafts and who have a desire to make a business of it. When people come to shop at the Arkadium, it could be your vendor they are buying from, it could be your name on the helm they are wearing or the bow they are using to slay their enemies.

Finally, we are still looking for suppliers. I know it's a dangerous job, venturing out into the wilds to harvest, but without those resources, the gear can't be made. We need primarily common quality resources: ore and stone for Druft, ore and hide for me. I will also buy poor quality stone and animal bone. I will pay 50 gold per bone. If you are interested in being a supplier, contact either Druft or myself, and we can work out a price. We prefer to make all trades in our EK (or yours), but will try to accommodate you if you are low on exports. We prefer to deal only in full stacks, so as to maximize exports.

If you are interested in filling any of these vacant roles, reply to this thread, contact Druft or myself in-game (You can usually find me on one of Arkade, Akanan or Trundle), or send me a PM. We aren't just crafting gear at the Arkadium, we're building a brand. You can help make that a brand that people trust.

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The Arkadium has added 3 new vendors!

Lickmyt0enails is running the jewelry shop. Check out all the pretty necklaces and rings! Asokka and ktalist are selling resources, and should be adding some wood and leather products in the future.

I have someone who may sign on to be an armorsmith, so keep a watch out for that. We still need a necromancer and stonemason, and if there is an alchemist out there who wants to set up a vendor, I'm happy to relinquish that part of the business so I can focus fully on making weapons.

If you are interested in joining our team, reply to this thread, send me a PM, or contact Arkade, Akanan or Trundle in-game (whichever one I am on at the time).

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Blu42 is running the new armor vendor and sevenozor is running the new woodworking vendor.

We've got 2 slots left for a leatherworker and a stonemason. Applicants will need a house as well as a stall and vendor, as I am now out of houses. Only cottages please as I don't have room for larger.

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