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Parcel tokens not listed in the store

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Just now, Hammur said:

Every parcel has tokens assigned now. 

Yes, they do, but those numbers are likely to change. 

If they put the token limits in the store and then have the reduce any of the numbers later, people will complain. It's better to just leave them off for now and if people want to buy the parcels, it's with the understanding (or at least it should be) that the token limits are subject to change.

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At the moment, for xs, s, m, l, xl,

Estate is 1,1,0,0,0

Shire is 5,3,2,1,0.

A crafting station is s,

A cottage is m,

A Villa and a Manor are l.

A Manor has slots for 6 crafting stations, 

a Villa has slots for 3 crafting stations,

a Cottage has 1 slot for a crafting station.

... all I know for now.

Edited by MisterBunny

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I would definetly like to know these as well.  I placed a woodland parcel and can't place anything on it.  This is a royal pain and don't want to keep dropping things guessing.


MisterBunny thanks for that info, helps me get what I need, since I gifted all my items originally, but getting some back so I can craft my items when our EK is down.

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