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Dragon Bet


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Bored again so I'm writing another short story.



I squinted against the bright sun, I could tell it was going to be a hot day. Stretching my large wings I let out a fiery yawn, shaking my head from sleepiness I dragged my body towards my sunning rock. Like all dragons, I tended to sleep in, but winter was fast approaching and I had good reason, I did NOT want to get caught in the Hunger. Hibernating was the safest way against it for my kind, though sometimes a pesky Knight would try and steal our treasure. Fools.


Letting the sun warm my wings, I scanned the land below. I had been napping for a few days and now I was hungry. I pondered over the things I could have as a meal, local cattle was always nice, but that meant I had to face Knights who would come after me to save the town. As if that would happen. I gave a snort and spread my wings, taking a jump and began soaring over the forest below.


I felt excitement, it was always fun to nap for a while and wake up to terrorize the little creatures below, I watched as deer and birds went scrambling to hide. Ignoring them, I continued to my destination, the local town. It wasn't a place to go to often, but considering they were dumb enough to stay after I attacked multiple times, it was a great place to grab a quick meal.


I heard the familiar screams of panic as the town came into my field of vision. Grinning a toothy grin, I let out a roar. More screams. I flew closer to the ground and saw farmers running to their houses and children and parents dashing to safety. I let out another roar, this time shooting out fire to show I was here for food.


Landing in a pasture, I cornered a plump cow. It gave out panicked grunts and cries for help, but no one would dare stop me.

"Stay away from old Bessie!" A tiny voiced squeaked.

Turning my head around, it took me a few seconds to find the source. There stood a small boy, about the age of eight holding a pitchfork in my direction. I glanced around and saw his parents screaming through the window. I chuckled.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" I said slyly, moving my head closer to him.

The boy stepped back a little, as his body could fit inside my eyeball.

"Go away and leave us alone, you monster!" He shouted, or more of, squeaked.

I let out a deep laugh before moving my head even closer, so I could look him in the eye.

"Dear boy, do you KNOW, what I am?"

The little boy held his ground.

"You're a Dragon, one of the great flyers of the sky who burns villages in a single breath, fells Kingdoms in one swoop, hoards treasure that's worth a lifetime!"

I gave another chuckle.

"You're smart, of course, some of those stories are exaggerated, but still half true." I curled my tail to circle him so he couldn't escape. "That being said, do you know what I could do to YOU?"

The little boy paused, thinking for a bit.

"Well, you could burn me to a crisp, or swallow me alive, or even both!"

"And you aren't afraid I won't because?"

The boy hesitated.

"I'm not afraid, Knights are never afraid!"

"Oh? And I assume you want to be a knight then?"

"Yes." He said firmly.

I gave a scoff, puffing out smoke and causing the poor fellow to cough.

"Knights, humph, those overrated pieces of flesh and metal are nothing but pests. Why, I lure them up using girls just so I can have the pleasure of crushing their ego as well as their bodies. I then eat them for breakfast."

"So it's true! You kidnap pretty maidens!" The boy cried.

"Kidnap, wha- Oh, oh dear." I gave a mischievous, low laugh. "Those maidens aren't captured because of their looks, they're captured to lure in dumb people like the Knights. I mean what would we want with some helpless piece of meat anyway?"

The boy thought for a moment.

"The stories say it's because you like them as a prize, just like your treasure."

I whipped my head towards him in disgust.

"Lies, stories like that are pure nonsense." I lifted my head in superiority. "After all, we're above petty kidnapping of women. We only do it because like I said before, it lures in the foolish Knights."

"Well then what happens to the maiden?"

I thought for a moment.

"We leave them to nature I guess. After we kill the Knight we let them do whatever they want. They usually escape, of course other things will most likely get them, so why bother going after a walking corpse."

"You're a horrible monster for doing that, killing brave men for entertainment. Why, if I was old enough-!"

"Now listen here dear boy." I interrupted. "How is it any different then you and your games of fishing?"

"We fish so we can sell it on the market so we can use the money to buy things we can't get on our own like bread, steel, and supplies."

"Fair point. But if you were at home, and someone came in and tried to kill you, what would you do?"

"I would defend myself."

"Exactly, the Knights are the ones with the sword trying to steal our treasure and kill us, we simply defend ourselves from the threat."

"But you're the ones who gave them a reason in the first place, by kidnapping the girl."

This kid was smarter then I thought. Letting out a deep sigh I gave up, I opened my mouth and was about to burn him when his tiny voice piped up again.

"Don't kill me just yet!"

I stopped.

"And why would I do THAT? I have places to burn, cows to eat."

"If you let me live, and let me become a Knight, THEN, you can kill me."

I thought it over.

"Are you proposing a bet?"

"Yes I am. If you let me live and I become a Knight, we can settle this once and for all, man to Dragon."

"And what will the prize be?"

"The most valuable thing we have to offer, our lives. Only one of us walks away."

"Deal." I grinned.

What a foolish boy, as if he could kill the likes of me, the one who brings fear to all who see me.

"I look forward to our reunion." I said as I opened my wings. "I'm sure it will be something to die for." I chuckled at my own joke as I flew away.


I could hear the little boys parents rushing out, crying and sobbing as they hugged their son. I let out a puff of smoke, and focused my eyes on the mountains in front of me. This boy had no idea what he was getting into... Just the way I liked it.



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