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Order forms for crafters

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I dont know if this is even possible, or if it has already been suggested but I though with the game being player based economically, it would be a good idea if crafter's could have order forms that they can set out in a vendor stall that people can place orders on. ( hope that wasn't to confusing). That way when said crafter comes back on line they can A) get in touch with said player and confirm the order and B.) this way players don't have to wait for their preferred crafter to be online before ordering the parts they need from them. If something like this has already been suggested then please ignore this post! thank you for your wonderful efforts with this game!

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This is a good idea maybe not a form for a certain player to fill but like a bulletin board attached to the Auction House where all players can post stuff they need crafted and price willing to pay as well as info on whether they are friend or foe so crafters on any team know what to make if they accept the price and if they want to aid if they are enemies. Also maybe a barter function where they can barter back and forth over a few days till they settle on price.

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