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Hungercast Hibernation


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Hello Friends & Enemies!

This is a quick little update about the Hungercast. First off just wanted to apologize for not putting this out a month ago. Massive failure on our part :( I thought we would would be back sooner than later but life didn't work out that way. Without getting into too many personal things between us @Noc. ran into some work training and other responsibilities and I have been doing my best to support my wife that has been dealing with (hopefully not too serious) health issues. So, to bring everyone up to speed we are putting the Hungercast into hibernation throughout the summer and should be back this fall.

Thank you to everyone that has supported this community show joining us in chat, becoming a guest host and to those lurking in the back! We also have a special thanks to the Ace Devs that gave the Crowfall Community insights in the game, their carriers and letting us get to them on a personal level more :)

If you haven't had a chance to check them out...here are the episodes:

Gordon Walton Aka @Tyrant - Interview


Thomas Blair aka Blixtev - Interview


Until next time...stay hungry!


- @Keaggan & @Noc.

Edited by Keaggan
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