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Guild Officer Promotion

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It seems to be impossible to promote guild officers currently. No idea wether this is ab bug or not. I always thought 15 or 20 overall members (or 21 - including the guild leader) might be a cap that has to be reached to promote someone to officer. But obviously it isnt. So, just reporting (asking) precautiously. Some info would be great.

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Same here.
Volrath said me he tried "hundreds" of times to promote me or others.
We figured Kraahk was right about the member limit, but now he himself say this is not the reason. 

Our guild counts five person, but the leader need help in recruiting to enlarge this number. :P

Someone else with this problem?

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Even if they fixed it I would like a menu where you can set privileges for the officers (for instance you could chose if they can invite and kick or only invite).


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