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Project Malekai: Community Video Expansion Plans


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I've decided to help put together a collated library of Crowfall Videos, so users could browse through them easier rather than clicking in and out of forum threads (or spamming the internet to get viewers). Our framework for this is still being built, but we are looking for your videos. We hope that this will help users in tracking down videos of cool Crowfall things.

What will happen when you submit them...

  • @ProjectMalekai will tweet them out (along with Dev Posts)
  • The MalekaiBot discord account will notify subscribed channels of a new video being posted.
  • Eventually, these videos will be added to the front page of Malekai.org (as well as a searchable Video page)

To participate, users need to join the Project Malekai discord (https://malekai.org/discord) and request Content Creator permissions. We will be reviewing these requests to ensure the creator is making constructive Crowfall oriented videos and has at least 3 videos on the topic completed in the past. 

Thanks in advance for your contributions and suggestions for new features!

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