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Hyperthreading Support

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Only topic I found on this was from 2016.


I am looking to upgrade my PC as it is getting a bit long in the tooth.


In the 'Post your specs' thread I see a lot of folks are running on i7's.  


I assume that this is partly because folks are enthusiasts but it made me wonder if Crowfall will support hyperthreading? 


Basically wondering if the extra cost of an i7 would be worth it.



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Hyperthreading is something that works on hardware level. Softwares only deal with virtual threads, which are managed by operating system. So long story short, hyperthreading is by nature supported by all games, but only very few make proper usage of parallel programming

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Ahhh, multi-threaded applications.
If the original question had been about whether an amd Ryzen Threadripper on 3.4GHz clockspeed at 16 cores sends an i7 8th gen at 6 cores at the same clockspeed packing with regards to performance . .
But it wasn't.

Still, the days where you could outperform any of the early  i7 on a decent Core2Duo with proper cache and 3.2GHz clockspeed are pretty much over as games tend to actually utilize additional cores for processing.

If I was to build a database server, I'd sure slot the amd
Given that I wasn't planning on that, I appear to have little need for the additional 10 cores and stick to my Intel die.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a single-core CPU these days btw. :)

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