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RAVENHEART - Join The Free Community Market


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Update: The Cities of Ravenheart are currently closed - most likely until the EK update after 5.110.


Forget about international trade sanctions! What others can't, we do ...
proudly present

R A V E N M A R T 
the biggest free market in Crowfall


What are we offering?
Ravenheart offers dozens of free trading spots near the central spawn place in a comprehensively equipped kingdom. Use your own house and stall to place your vendor and sell your products - or if you are not quite there yet, just use the houses and stalls provided by Ravenheart. The north-west quarters are set up and waiting for you. An additional south-east quarter will be added soon.

Who can get a trading spot in Ravenheart?
Everybody (who didn't get banned or suspended that is).
With a focus on the EU community, the Cities of Ravenheart are located on EU servers. Though, since there are no other comparable offers yet, we happily provide our services to players from all over the world.

How do you get your first trading spot?
1. Buy a trade license
Visit the Eternal Kingdom "•CoR• Cities of Ravenheart" from Kraahk. Within every central crafting area in Ravenheart, you will find a CoR vendor.
Those vendors provide a limited number of trade licences for different areas of the EK, which you can buy (Ravenmart 1 gold, Ravenhall 10 gold, Ravenforge 100 gold). The license will show you which area it is for and after which month/week/day of which year it expires automatically. The vendor will tell me which player bought which license and I will add the according building token on the according parcel to this account next time I check it (usually within 24 hours). Shortly before the new term, the vendos will sell new licences for the next period.
Warning: Trade licences are limited to 1 per account! Don't try to buy more of them for the same time period. Players who do so may get banned from Ravenheart.
2. Place your vendor
Once you got the token, you will see it in your EK inventory when your are standing on the according parcel.
You will need to use your own vendor. Vendors can be crafted cheap and easy, but you need to skill "Business: Vendor Thralls" in the Basic Crafting skill tree (see picture). And you need to use a stonemasonry table, which you can find in the crafting areas of Ravenheart. This business skill branch also allows you to decrease your vendor maintenance cost - use it.
You can then put your vendor in any already existing stall of your choice on this parcel and start filling your shelves. You can also move your vendor to any other stall at any time, as long as it is unoccupied.
3. "Register" your vendor
Put your trade license into the first slot of your vendor inventory with a prices of 99,999 gold (which is the max).
Make also sure the evil trade patrol can recognize your vendor as yours. So, if you are currently selling nothing, or if you sell resources/items that don't show the crafters name, or if you sell stuff crafted by other people ... then craft an item yourself (or let someone craft it for you), (let the crafter) rename it to your account name during the crafting process and put it next to the trade license in your vendor inventory.
Warning: Vendors without a proper license for the given time period and/or vendors that can't be associated and/or vendors that don't sell anything over a longer period may be removed after a while, without notice or compensation.
And ... that's pretty much it (for now). I will add marginal informations later, but this should be enough to get you started. 
So, have fun and good luck with your business. :)

Reminder: Please be aware that Crowfall is in Pre-Alpha stage. The game worlds are testing environments, which can have issues or be reset at any time. The Ravenheart will always beat to the limit and therefore may break from time to time - in which cases you won't be able to access your vendor/chest/character inventory for a while. To prevent your heart from being broken too, always act wisely and carefully and report issues as soon as possible. Thanks.
Edited by Kraahk
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Placeholder. With picture of the northwest crafting area. I just hate empty placeholder posts.... ;)


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On 1.7.2018 at 4:13 PM, Arkade said:

Nice job Kraahk. I need to get me one of them capitol parcels (or three).

Thanks. :) You can buy or rent one or two from me any time. ;)

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Update. Currently unused vendor slots in the northwest quarters.

  • Ravenforge:    3
  • Ravenhall:       2
  • Ravenmart:     9

Feel free to join and start your business ... or use it just for a few days to get rid of some stuff you dont need anymore. Remember, in 5.7 you will be able to buy white resources with gold. So ... get some. ;)

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The Ravenmart will close on August 4th - until 5.7 will join the LIVE server. All vendors will be removed at this time and join the owners spirit banks, including their wares.

Once we get to 5.7, Ravenheart will be reopened soon, with a new design, and welcome all interested traders again.

So, prepare your wares - and contact me if you are interested in joining the biggest market of Crowfall. ;)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Time for an update.

The 5.7 Cities of Ravenheart •CoR• will officially reopen next weekend. The basic design is done and more tables and stalls will be added soon.

  • You can already get your vendor and stall token from the CoR Trade License Vendor immediately north to the temple.
  • Visit to take a look which place you might prefer - the City Ravenmart in the EK "Kraahk's Ravenheart - Market" is already open 24/7.
  • Become a customer of the already active vendors.

With 5.7 a few changes will take place.

  1. Traders will need to use their own stalls. Unfortunately I currently don't have the time to build all the stalls for free. I will offer some for sale at the CoR Vendor and place more free stalls from time to time.
  2. The quarters of Ravenmart will have either limited and specialized crafting tables or limited vendor places. This becomes necessary due to recent token changes. I havent completely ruled it out yet, but expect North to become a center for runemaking and stonemasonry, West for weapons and armors, South for necromancy and jewelry and East as a full crafting area with a few supply vendors.

Here are some pictures for you, to get a first glance. All quarters are in immediate vicinity to the temple.








I will update the OP of this thread with the new details and map (including the final table placement/parcel specialization), once Ravenheart 5.7 officially starts. So, consider the current state a soft-launch. ;)

If you have any questions regarding the Cities of Ravenheart, feel free to ask.

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