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For all the fun that I may have had participating in this engagement, it and several others showcase some issues with the current state of CF combat in my mind. Certain builds are very difficult to break down due to a combination of healing and defenses while others MELT.
There really seems to be no middle ground and I find that problematic.
Both groups had various members that were further behind on training or had inferior gear and that difference is clear.

There are MANY abilities that make a person INVULNERABLE to all damage, these are often the difference between Life and Death...and I find myself wondering if they should be interfering in such a way as often as they do.

The food consumption is AWFUL in combat, especially for certain classes.
I ate food twice during the whole 20 minute fight this is part of and still ended at 2 Chicken bar.

In this fight the Chaos group had multiple Champions as well as a Plague Lord, this could translate to -50% Healing received and -25% Healing output from Targets and Healers, which could even be combined on the same target.
Even so I did not break. Neither did Xarrayne or Gradishar. This is not the first time this has happened to us.
BUT if ANY of us had... we ALL would have.
All 3 of us were trying our best at keeping all 3 of us alive and I find that pretty cool.
But we couldn't really do anything to save or protect Phylor or Anthrage which I regret. Without damage dealers getting kills is not much of an option.
I was able to get one or two as well as some close with some (un)lucky Righteous Parry but that is far from consistent or reliable.

The fight started as a 9v9 from what I saw and fell into this Bunker BS for most of it.

I've captured a couple of these longer fights but even at 125% speed they can last 10-20minutes per fights so have not bothered putting anything out there. I'm not sure how fun it would be to watch, some people aren't even enjoying fighting them-especially when lag is causing interference.

Edit: Good fights, to my friends and to my foes I always look forward to more.

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13 hours ago, Xarrayne said:

Songs used:

Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat theme)        by The Immortals
The Legend of Zelda (Link He Come To Town) by Joe Pleiman

all the way to 0 food starving! :P


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