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Is Crowfall combat a beautiful dance or..


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I think a major reason CF combat is so messy right now is that it is generally all what I would consider "small" scale and sometimes lag can be problematic. There is a great deal of faith and hope that as these things become less common we shall see more orderly battles. Personally I am really looking forward to having something more akin to defined formations and battle lines that I believe will naturally form as the game grows and improves. It's a blast right now, the future could be fantastic.


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I think part of it could be adding more "formation" style effects and disciplines when we are further along.

Like most MMOs crowfall's AOES, in general, have two profiles, cone or round. There are generally performance reasons to do this but, you know I wonder what mass combat might look like if large defensive and offensive buffs/barriers/attacks started to adopt more irregular and oblong shapes.

Clustering 6 (soon to be 5) people in a ball is the natural conclusion of having most effects be ball shaped. The problem is that in a game with collision for both friends and enemies "ball" isn't really an optimal shape. It virtually guarantees we get in each other's way and combined with the way target heals work kind of encourages us to get in each other's way.

At small scale this isn't a huge deal, you can fit two groups withine one scrum like that and still have decent freedom of mobility. At large scale though? Its a whole different ball park. Disciplines specifically aimed at large scale engagement could really jazz things up. Imagine "battlemage" attack and barrier style skills that are essentially uncapped per target but extremely slow travelling, casting, or very long duration and lower damage with oblong shapes to make forward facing "piercing lines" and left-to-right "melee lines". This can work due to the way collision works. THE avaliable space naturally caps the targets, and the shape of the skills naturally reinforces angles of attack that may not be dead on. More importantly the spin up for these kinds of skills should be long enough to counter easily, essentially as big ass zoning tools, but zoning tools for both offense and defense, creating a sort of 'tactical back line' specifically designed for mass battles that need to be defended to avoid interruption. Skills that are effectively useless in small scale due to the mechanics of abilities but play shifting at large scale. Guys that can cast a 200m target piercing fire ball but with a ground tell like the NPC tells that forecasts the action for 4 seconds beforehand, or a giant healing orb tree that takes 10 seconds to grow but can be destroyed in the process with melee attacks. Stuff that demands mass counterplay but lands for mass effect with very obvious ground tells and grandiose over the top effect animations. Essentially a "build your own warhammer hero" only the drwaback being those big skills have such a long draw and easy counter on a normal HP character they essentially require an army to protect the caster during the cast, and to ensure they move intelligently to benefit or remove benefit from others.

To limit the number of effective casters for these effects, you could add an exclusion field. Call it unstable magic or something but basically one casting of such an effect places all nearby casters in a large radius on cooldown as well. Make the radius large enough and you can't stack multiple casters on a back line, but basters on two sides of a battle would still be able to operate if they maintained range from one another.

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On 5/11/2015 at 1:48 PM, CAWCAWCAW said:

Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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