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End Game Raid Bosses PVE

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Just now, entityofsin said:

No, I read it. I've never experienced it first hand so my first reaction is it sounds sort of a waste of time.

Well since I've not ever experienced this to my knowledge, I would definitely like to! Particularly if it isn't screwing up those moments where I am stabbing another player in the face with a dagger or sword.

In general, if there's PVP involved its either "both teams have an NPC that can't fight but yells a lot" or "all the players are on the same team against the NPCs but PvP is on so people can just be sociopaths"

Sometimes the yelling NPCs are actually escort targets.

Only shadowbane had the balls to make one of the NPCs a demon that could literally destroy castles, and players didn't like that very much so they stopped.

The EVE model is especially good. IMPORTANT lore things happen with their events at a scheduled time, but those things are really only IMPORTANT to people that care about lore and are completely ignored by everyone else. And yet, there are still enough people who care about lore to go get ships blown up over the succession of the Amarr dynasty or the Gallente/Caldari hisec war or whatever. But, like, if you aren't following lore, you probably don't know any of that happenned, even if you're online when it happens lol.


Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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On 7/10/2018 at 11:44 PM, entityofsin said:

Honestly that doesn't sound very fun to have to experience either being on the side of a FC, against it, or just neutral. It just sounds like a headache nobody should have to deal with and takes development time away from more important things. I would rather see the dev work on something more important than control some over powered mob to crush one faction or group of players over everyone else.

Thanks for explaining it to me. Was far above what I was expecting for an explanation.

It's an old holdover from things like MUDs, where dev intervention was a major form of storytelling. But one misconception I picked up from your reply is that it involves dev time. It really doesn't use any - it's literally just a developer sock-puppeting an NPC body with dev commands. All the dev work for those NPCs has been done already - they're just controlling it manually instead of running the AI, and giving it superpowers with a few typed lines in the dev console.

So..think of it more as a roleplay experience, used to drive the plot, and not as a dev time sink or a way to influence the outcome of a battle. Though..I suppose it COULD be the latter. Usually isn't, though.

Edit: and then I posted this and saw a second page where someone else addressed this like a week ago, so custard me, right? :P

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle#Pre-alpha <--this is where we are. If your complaint is that the game don't not works good, come back later.

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