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1 hour ago, APE said:

Uninstall, you've won pre-alpha.

You made my day, thank you so much I am really laughing hard. I owe you one.

5 hours ago, infernusdl said:

We have all forts and castle, whats next move to do now?


Assuming you are not trolling, you can do several things. Defend what you just conquered, gather and slowly build wealth, build more deep relationships within your guild and many many other things since this is a sandbox. You can also spend time looking for bugs and sending report to the devs.

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2 hours ago, infernusdl said:

Ty, i just want know how campaigns, works or will work...

No trolls here...

There isn't anything else to do related to campaign victory. In the future your job would be to try and hold those structures in addition to whatever other tasks award victory points in order to win the campaign. Right now campaigns cna not be won because the objectives don't grant any kind of points. They just move a bar around that doesn't do anything yet.

Just use the structures you've taken as banks and do some harvesting and crafting so you're better able to defend them when people try to take them back.

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