6month calendar for use out of game,

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hello i made a pdf calendar you may print i think it is only 6 pages ( but may use a lot of color :P ) just a warning lol

it is simple if anybody likes this i can make a 2019 calendar around dec for 2019 jan starting ...... and do a full year, 

if you like the project 

you can see the project here at my site ..... https://crowfall-compendium.gq/pages/projects no need to register to download 

i made this from powerpoint if you like to make a powerpoint project, or any other project,  have a enjoyable time ,

after going to that link please check the bottom of the link the small icons , and you can download a copy of the calendar and then print from there or just use the calendar on pc :) 

enjoy if you like this let me know 

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