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Hi everyone!

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My MMO history started with EQ, where I learned a sense of wonder and discovery and immersion in a massive online world inhabited by real people.  I hate single player games and puzzles, so this really opened my eyes.  I also learned the hard way after selling my book to the priest of discord that there were many who wouldn't even group with us "dirty PvPers".  It was an attitude I may never understand -- I have nothing but great respect for my opponents/compatriots be it in Chess or 18xx or Football/Soccer -- but it does mean I can't assume any given MMO will cater to my notion of "social" gaming. 

Just as I find the growing popularity of cooperative boardgames startling (who wants to take turns playing a single player game? who wants to watch the alphas quarterback? who wants to get yelled at for questioning or not following the established conventions? or in the spirit of "cooperation" have your opinion belittled or your actions harshly criticized?) , the themepark explosion left a bad taste in my mouth.  I had a great time with the SWG launch and the first year or so, and, Anarchy Online's Tower War PvP (which because of the lack of the now ubiquitous level-based gear restrictions, involved a great deal of gear hunting and twinking and multi-box buff-bots) kept me occupied for the greater part of 5 years (~400 days /played time on main); but once updates slowed, friends quit, and population dwindled...I've mostly written the MMORPG genre off as "no longer for me".

The Camelot Unchained and Crowfall kickstarters excited me, but, having been burned by kickstarters in the past, I have a firm anti-kickstarter stance.  I planned to buy them on release, but...it appears I couldn't quite stand the wait.  I have a great deal of free time right now and nothing to spend it on.  I moved away from my face-to-face boardgame group and I don't like movies/tv/fiction, so out of desperation and utter boredom I've decided to join in the testing phase.  But seriously, I am excited about this game, it was always just a matter of "when".

I am eager to get connected with the community.  I would like to thank @Nudalus for crafting me a set of armor on my first day in pre-alpha.  I would also like to thank @Kraahk for inviting me his staggeringly awesome player city and giving me some encouragement.  I even had a chance to arrive right at the end of @MJayed solo-capping a fort and marvel in awe at a full-skill-treed uber.

I am an older gamer (though we in the late 30s don't think ourselves old, we must recognize how the younger generation must view us).  I know nothing of memes and twitter.  I've never seen an episode of Game of Thrones--I don't even know if that's dated now.  Heck, I've never seen an episode of Simpsons or Futurama (and that's definitely dated).  I have trouble relating to people who aren't mathematicians or linguists or theologians, and know considerably more about how to dial the right settings in on a compressor than which Assassin's Creed was the best.  That said, I am very interested in finding a guild I can fit in and contribute to.  I am hardcore player who plays a lot and seeks to play efficiently and competitively.

In any case, I'm happy to be sharing this experience with all of you.  I look forward to seeing you all in game.

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