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New player unable to launch the game

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I just purchased a pledge package and downloaded the Live Patcher.   Following the instructions on your website, I clicked on the  “CFLiveLauncher.exe” file.  I was prompted to log in, which I did.  It opened the launcher screen and I watched as the update bar progressed at the bottom of the screen.  Once it reaches 100%, the screen disappears.  Your instructions indicate the following....

B. When patching is complete, press the green button with the arrow at the bottom right corner of the patcher window to enter the game. It may take a few moments for the game to load.

Like I said, my screen just disappears - I don't get a green button with an arrow at the bottom right corner.  Please help.  I'm anxious to start playing.


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Just wanted to clarify a few things to avoid confusion
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6 hours ago, miraluna said:

Send your problem description in an email to support@crowfall.com - it's the fastest way to get help to resolve the issue.


11 minutes ago, Arkade said:

On a fresh install, there might be updates to the patcher that cause it to close and reopen. It might be that it isn't reopening for some reason. Have you tried running it as administrator?

Thanks Arkade, I'll give that a shot.

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