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Difference between Champ and Myrmidon 5.7?


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I'm trying to decide between Champ and Myrmidon. I've typically always played the slightly slower but big burst damage classes packing the heavy armor and using a 2h weapon. In Crowfall you can pick up the discipline to wear plate and I haven't confirmed all the weapon options for Myrmidon. I like the idea of a berserker that starts off slow then picks up to a fast pace unstoppable machine.

What are the main differences between the Champ and Myrmidon up till this point in 5.7?


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Champ is in a very good place in terms of DPS, survivability, mobility, diversity of available discs, etc. The Myrmidon is not IMHO. The berserk mechanic is generally seen as a PITA. The DPS isn't as high as it should be and relies too much on bleeds (which are removed by Purgative/FieldSurgeon). The Net is basically the one tool that it gets that is unique (unless you've got a Knight to Chainpull) and while the Net is absolutely a great power...I've gotta say I'd rather have a Champ in my group than a Myrm, every day of the week, and twice on Sundays. 

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Myrmidon is essentially forced into being a Half Giant because the Racial Blood of the Giant synchronizes so well with the Berserk class mechanic.

Champion has several Champ only Discs (which really should be opened up to more melee classes IMO) and most of the races have something decent to offer the class

From your description Champ may be what you're looking for, Myrmidon Dual Wield 1handed weapons while Champions use a 2handed Axe/Mace and have higher damage burst.


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Appreciate the info!

So what's the best race for champ? I was leaning towards Minotaur for the better max stats and frontal immunity to stun.

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The Mino is a solid choice for Champ...as is the Centaur. The Mino gets a faster in combat charge (thats also a KD), frontal stun immunity and Bloodlust (a poor man's Myrmidon Berserker power for mitigating all damage). The Centaur has a charge/-20armor break, Trailmaster OOC movement buff and a 75 AP or 75 SP toggle power. IMHO, the Mino ends up being tankier while the Centaur is more offensive minded due to the armor break...but both are very solid options. I'm not a fan of the HalfGiant Champion in that their racial power,  "Blood of the Giants," doesnt stack with Ultimate Warrior and so you end up using just UW (and lose the one power that really sets the HG apart). The Stoneborn is also an option for Champion. Unfortunately, I think the Stoneborn racial and bloodline powers aren't nearly strong enough to make the Stoneborn an attractive race at the moment. Stoneskin lasts 6s and is on a 42s CD (and cuts your Champion UW heal by 50% if its up at the same time). The bloodline power seems underwhelming.  I'd absolutely recommend either Mino or Centaur.

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Three of the champ races are good, one is garbage. Everything grad says applies, but the half giant does have access to a stun through their race. It can be good, but they do lack the mobility of the Centaur and Mino.

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myrmidon in 5.7

1) is hardly nerfed. I would like to say they fixed some broken things but bring nothing to compensate it.

2) semi useless basic kit. net and berserker (with pulverize as requirement skill to play with berserker) - all other active skills is still useless

3) hard to play with high ping, very depend on CC (hard to mass pvp)

4) very PCM dependent, his potential  is grown in late skill lvling

5) almost no good builds. all builds goes to LMV + taste for blood as result...

6) pretty unstable and RNG gameplay.

7) only one playable race - half giant

8) sometimes very stable and hard to kill. if you are lucky

take you choose. hardcore or popchampion . I like myrmidon =)

champion is just boring OP class who will be nerfed soon.


in 5.6 myrmidon was the same but p1. stupid perma berserking issue -> unkillable


ps. with myrmidon you can tank army... but not for a long time =)

with champion you can one-two-three-shot 1v1... sometimes

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