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I agree with the OP here.  The food consumption is just obscenely high during combat and is just another barrier that takes more time than the actual point of the game: a combat driven mmo with crafting and sieges of crafted player owned assets.  What it is right now is mostly fighting off starving and crafting (harvesting be a huge part of that) to just be able to PvP some of the time. 

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40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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On 8/2/2018 at 11:18 AM, Deernado said:

Most of us picture we will be fighting for glory, fun and forts like this one...

Image result for crowfall forts


But actually you are just fighting for this....

Image result for groceries meat and apples

Image result for groceries meat








So it's just like our regular lives.

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