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The store is in a different language.

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Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I have logged into my account and have returned to find that while my settings seem to be set to English, the store descriptions are in a different language!


I have logged in and out, checked my account settings, and even cleared my browser history...

Is this a glitch with the website?

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48 minutes ago, weaponsx said:

My account says I live in Germany and all my store items are in pounds... i live in the USA... how do i fix that ??

Well, you mention Rome in your signature. Rome built a wall in germany and on the northern island (didnt really work out, was more behead than be head ... whatsoever, back to topic). You are from the US. Walls. Geddit? There is probably some kind of conspiracy going on to manipulate your thoughts. I think they are watching you. You should be careful.

Or you shouldn't care at all and just do what Jackal said.

It's always kind of nice to have options, isnt it?

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