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Hello all

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So from what i've seen, i'm starting to get a bit excited for this game. I play multiple other MMOs and such, but will always long to have a SWG (pre cu) MMO. This seems to be the closest I'm going to get to it right now. From what I've seen, the art continues to get better. Theres a great pvp aspect, but for me its all the talk of being able to Explore and do a ton of amazing crafting. Which brings me to my first question I hope some of you already playing can help me answer.

Just how big is a world that we are dropped in? If you had to compare it to another MMO world or zone. I ask because I really miss the feeling of being out in the middle of no where far removed from roads and towns, and enjoy the world itself.

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2 hours ago, lonelion4ever said:

a ton of amazing crafting

Crowfall's crafting system will be quite similar to SWG (I'm also a fan, played a chef/bioengineer) - we only have phase 1 of crafting in testing right now. Awaiting phase 2 with the blueprints and automated production to get the complete picture of the crafting gameplay.

The map for 5.7 has only one mainland zone plus the starter zones. That will be increased to a much larger number of zones in 5.8 connected by a runegate system:


Eventually there will be different biomes, with varied creatures, harvestables and pvp objectives in each zone. Every campaign has it's own unique map, so each reset will be a fresh world to explore.


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