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Pre-purchase Question

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Hi All,

I'm considering investing the $50 into helping the Crowfall team test their game out. I have been following it on and off for a while but nothing too serious. I had a question about the pre-alpha/beta phases.

If I purchase today, how much longer is this pre-alpha going to run for? Will I have access to the full alpha under the Patron Starter Pack? I understand that once the Beta rolls around, I will have "Beta 3" access which sounds like a testing wave.

Thank you!

- iCap

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The $50 starter pack with "beta group 3" gives you full testing access to Crowfall's 24/7 LIVE server environment (now and in the future), as well as a copy of the game to play at launch. 

There is also a TEST server environment (separate download and launcher) that is invite-only by access group. TEST is only available for limited times, and has the newest builds with more bugs and frequent data wipes. Builds go onto TEST first, and then move to LIVE once the biggest bugs are fixed. If a new build goes up on TEST, there will be announcement on the Official CF Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/aTt5zds or on Twitter.



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