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What is the current status on Oceanic servers?
I understand how this would work, you're waiting to see how many Australians would purchase the game to see if an Australian server would be viable, but I can't drop money on a game that doesn't guarantee some form of certainty.
I have others who are deeply interested in buying this game, however; I know that a few test servers were created and that has been enough to further peak my interest.
Australians would buy this game if there was more clarity.
The main thing that has stopped me buying it is obviously the high ping as I'm into competitive PVP.

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This video shows how easy the process is for us to spin up servers around the world, so it is technically possible for us to easily provide Oceania. The reason we don't do it often at this point is that you need to have a certain critical mass for the game to be fun. As more players from the Oceania region become active, you'll see an increase in the availability of local servers. 

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