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I never have any fury?


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I feel like I am instantly out of fury.  I can't use any skills, can't even basic attack because that spends fury.  Am I missing something?  I do one combo skill, use bull rush, use pulverize, any single one of these things aaaaaand I can't use any other skills, just completely out of fury.  I'm finding it extremely clunky and frustrating, makes no sense that basic attacks at the very least don't spend fury.  If I have to rely on being damaged that doesn't fix the issue that I feel gimp if I'm not taking "enough" damage.

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Early game Myrm you have to use weapon finesse and stack gore a lot. It gets easier as you get power cost reduction skills later in the skill trees.

I agree that Myrm LMB shouldn't cost fury though. There's several issues with the class. I laid out some suggestions for the devs which I've copied below.  



  • Myrmidon Berserk ability needs to be redesigned to be more similar to the Minotaur Racial Berserk. The "all or nothing" aspect of it is problematic in several ways including latency/lag, race choices (Half Giant is a must), and the fact that healers are largely unable to support you. 
    • Change to 10 second duration, 20 second cooldown, unable to be modified by cool down lowering effects. 
    • Heals back 100% of all damage taken, same way it works currently. 
    • Berserker crash comes in the form of a 10 second DoT instead of all at once. 10% of the crash per second for 10 seconds.   
    • Blood Craze, which is part of the Taste for Blood passive, should mitigate 50% of the crash damage instead of the current 25% for striking a bleeding target. 
  • Pulverize will need a buff due to the new Berserk mechanic since it will no longer mitigate the crash. Either lower the windup, increase the damage, or add a knockdown component to it. Otherwise it will never be used. 
  • Remove fury cost from LMB attacks.
  • Increase fury cost on Whirlwind
  • Lower the Myrimdon Ultimate ability "Raging Bull" cost from 1000 soul power to 500. 


Edited by blazzen

Blazzen <Lords of Death>

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Feels about right to me, blazzen.  Too many crashes in earlier alphas for me to get much of a feel, tried again over the weekend, Myrm still feels as gimp as it did then.  I can appreciate the game is about group play but I feel like I can't do anything effectively at all with Myrm thanks to chronic (lack of) anger issues

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