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Order vs Chaos fight 19.08.18


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finally I was able to wake up for some mass fights since a long lazy period. sad Chaos numbers wasn't so big enough to fair fight but still, for those who want to see from my POV, enjoy.... or not =)

what to expect:

  • one myrmidon from both side???
  • big ping
  • net catching an air
  • swinging air
  • myrmi nerf in action
  • server stay alive
  • server lags

4k pseudo HD very soon (youtube still rendering)

ps. big thx to Winterblades and UxA members for providing advanced gear for my lazy ass.



crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

Discord makkon#8550

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Disappointed I never saw a 'Not Enough Fury' Message

Sorry to miss these, want to get some Myrm play in some time but Cleric takes precedence for now

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