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i want to give you a hug

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Well not at all cause i don`t know you, but besides all negative posts i would love to say something positive to the devs. Have been watching the game for 2 and a half years now and things are comming together step by step. I think thats great. With every patch there is little bit more of what you want to have in this game which is great. You can clearly see how parts are comming together. I know there are several points or aspects of the game that people dislike, i think its quit hard to make a game that satisfy many people if you don`t go for world of warcraft style and yet many people dislike even that. So go along, make the game you want to make and listen to the community some times. But i also think your community work is really good, there are frequently updates and grafics or videos to any new topic just go on with that. I am really looking forward at playing a finished game of crowfall one day . And i know the great competor will be camelot unchained but as this game has NDA so we know nothing about it and how it will steal people from the crowfall community.

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