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[service] Offering free clan text art, and more!


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In the following weeks, I will be trying to help out new clans who don't have any logos, or cool designs.


I am offering text logos (your clans name, in a cool font, and in a unique style), for free!


I mainly like to produce my own music for fun, and create video game sounds, so maybe I'll throw in a clan theme song if you want.




I would need the following information from each requester:


1) Is this a logo or a background?


2) Which size would you like the image to be (in pixels or inches)


3) Clan name


4) if you own a site, please link it




I will be able to start doing these in a few days. I am not sure how many I can do, but feel free to start requesting, and I will see what I can do this week.


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Good looks man, I am also graphic design savy, but may hit you up to do some work anyway as I am pretty busy. Are you already attached to a guild Navlaan?

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