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Double feature - Official discussion thread


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And mine got first spot, I'm very flattered :blush: (ok need to get current EK in order now haha)


Special thanks to the creators behind Srathor’s Lawn, the Cities of Ravenheart, Krampus, The Arkadium, Tir Nurquen and – LFG – Bazaar for making your EKs available to us for filming.


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Great videos. Proud to be part of it and thanks for providing this great opportunity to your community. And kudos to all who offered their EK to capture this great pictures.

As for the feedback part:

  • It is Srathor's Lawn, not STrathor's Lawn. (i know, thats a common mistake, because regarding quality, his EK indeed IS somewhere within the sTratosphere, but... just saying)
  • It would have been great to also mention the owners of the EK's and not only the EK's names, because EK names can change - account names seldom do.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the next invitation. This was a great idea. Thanks. :)

Edited by Kraahk
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3 hours ago, Pann said:

I've corrected the article thank yous to now include Ellowallonia and and fixed Strathors Lawn. Sorry 'bout that! 

At this time now assuming this is the Tuesday update?

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