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New World - Amazon Game Studios

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Broken game is broken atm.

Their continual lack of communication with the testers and their total lack of listening to the feedback given has made this game a mess. The last update a few weeks ago totally broke company vs company siege warfare. Once a company declares war on  your company, all you have to do to avoid the war is destroy your base ward, reclaim it with another guildy who drops guild, and rename the company/base to something else. This totally bypasses the siege mechanic.

Also, this week has been another mess since one of the nastier groups on the server found out how to dupe. They have been duping so much that it is even now causing the server to crash.


To be an Amazon backed game, I would think that the communication at least would be better. Other than that, the game is beautiful....just beautiful.

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On 5/19/2019 at 10:08 AM, NorseLegend said:

Is this game out already or is it in Alpha/Beta testing?

Alpha testing, the current testing phase ends on June 3 and they are taking down the servers for several months for changes/additions.


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