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Any more RP/story videos?


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Oh my lord... Scorn please make more videos like that. I completely forgot about Guinecean Thunder.

@Pann My favorite has always been A Night of Loss and Fortal Kombat. Both are PvP videos of course, but A Night of Loss is very RP influenced and Fortal Kombat is.. kinda RP? I think it could slide.




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1 hour ago, soulein said:

If you want more RP videos, you need to put out a deep dive into the lore.

I think we could contribute as well, fill in some of the blank space, there's some ideas I've been working on, though actually enacting them is more difficult.

Game and EK performance also matters, you want the work to seem smooth and polished and there's some odd jerking going on sometimes.

Just not sure the game is in a place for much of these right now.
Almost all Racial customization has yet to be implemented, in fact we've even lost some options.
We don't have emotes, nor mounts, nor large scale battles and only a few lore tidbits and descriptions from which to work from.


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If you were looking to get into the machinima game then having a model viewer outside of the game to allow for high resolution captures of models to work with a "Green Screen" background would allow for more quality in the videos.  Even if you couldn't implement the emote idea in the game, if it could be applied to a character model viewer along with the ability to equip and "color" equipment as desired, we could get more in depth with what the characters look like, can do, and how the communicate.  A lot of amazing work was done with the WoW Model Viewer which practically launched the idea of Machinima in the first place, which grew out of a non-sanctioned tool.  I'm not sure that it is a feasible idea to ask someone to develop such a thing, but it would certainly help in the production of more Machinima and if you are not trying to record the live feed of the game, can result in smooth animations with little to no stutter.

The other tool that would help would be a "Free Fly" Camera mode in EK's if possible.  This would allow for the "Camera man" account to be able to move freely in the zone to get more interesting and dynamic angles.  Perhaps camera controls for the Free Fly mode would allow for different zoom options and the like.  It would also be idea if in Free Fly mode a character could toggle their model's visibility ON and OFF so that you could have multiple "Camera men" able to film from multiple angels without being in one another's shot to capture more dynamic views of the action and cut to the recorded section you like to splice in.

These are just a few tool ideas to try to help with building a machinima community in the game.  I also made some suggestions for more RP related ideas for EKs in regard to PvP Attributes being able to be toggled on for select parcels, and while some ideas suggested would help for RP more they could also apply/allow fun options for Machinima as well.

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